I visit Dribbble frequently for inspiration, but I get overwhelmed by the creativity I see there. How do designers come up with this stuff?

I hear questions like this a lot. Maybe you’ve said it yourself. You want to learn design but don’t know how. How do designers do it? You’ve tried asking them questions but it feels like they’re speaking a different language. And it seems like so many of their design decisions are based on gut feelings which isn’t helpful.

So you pick up a few design books. Surely that will help! When you’re learning a new programming language, the first thing you always write is ‘Hello World’. But the design books aren’t practical like that. Sure, they teach you about user experience, typography, colors and usability, but it’s in an abstract way. So at the end of the day you can’t remember it all and you still feel lost.

You open Photoshop and stare at the blank page. You try making rectangles or random shapes but they look weird. And then you compare what you just made with the work on Dribbble and get bummed out. You’ll never be able to create stuff like that.

You’re exhausted. And what do you have to show for all your effort? Zilch, zippo, nothing. You’d gladly start from scratch if only you knew where that was.

Imagine for a moment that you could learn design. How would that improve your work?

If you were looking to hire a designer and you’re browsing through portfolios you could more effectively judge what was good from what isn’t. And picking the right designer would improve your startups chances your startup will succeed.

Or maybe you have a job. If you were good at design you could confidently walk into meetings with designers and have a clear understanding of what they were talking about. You’d be a more well-rounded developer. And by speaking the same language as the designers, you could make a stronger product!

What if you knew exactly what fonts and colors would make your site design pretty? You could move faster and build with sites confidence.

What if you could confidently make a career change to design? You could start doing work you enjoy and get paid for it.

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