The 20 Fonts You Should Start With

It's important to pick the right font for your design project. But that can be a daunting task for a beginner. You don't know what you don't know!

Searching the websites of type foundries is a good shortcut. But even that requires you to have some sense of what you're looking for.

Sometimes you just want to get started.

Below are twenty great fonts. It's a good mix of classic and modern stuff. I can't say which font will be the right choice for your project. But I'd rather have you pick a great font that's not quite right, than to spend hours waffling over dozens of options and not pick anything.

That means you'll make some wrong choices. That's ok! Understanding typography takes time. Eventually you'll get a sense of what works.

Start with these and as your type skills improve you can start exploring other options. Here are my suggestions:



Buying fonts you'll use frequently is a good long term investment for a designer. I highly recommend starting with a few of the above. You can even go slowly and buy one at a time.

But I also realize that some people are students with limited funds. So here are some free alternatives. None of these are exact matches and the quality varies but they are an OK substitute for the time being.



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