People who want to learn how to code have many options. There are sites like Codecademy and Coursera, as well as endless bootcamps. There are also a lot of books out there for beginners. But what if you’re a programmer or UX designer who wants to learn visual design? You have and, but those are very theoretical. The material is often abstract and doesn’t talk enough about visual design specifically. So you still struggle to turn what you learned into actual design projects.

At the other end, there are many sites and tutorials that teach Photoshop effects. But in the real world, unless you know you’re going to do a site is a certain style, it doesn’t make sense to learn if beforehand. (That’s why we encourage you to learn just 5 styles).

At is core, Design by Numbers is about teaching you design from a professionals point of view, with specific advice, and an emphasis on learning by doing. If you’re ready to start learning visual design, sign up for our free 30 day web design course here.