Web Design by Numbers


You want to learn web design but don’t know where to start. When you open Photoshop, you stare blankly at the screen. You’ve read design books but struggle to turn what you learned into actual design projects.

You could go back to school, but that’s expensive. And you’re working full time so you could only go at night anyway.

The worst part is, even if you do practice on your own, you have no confidence as a designer due to your lack of education. It’s frustrating!


What If

Let’s say there was a step-by-step framework you could follow every time you designed a website. Well then you’d feel calm and at ease knowing you were following a logical process. You’d be able to design with confidence.

And what if the framework was compressed down to just the essentials? Then you could spend more time practicing, and less time bogged down in design theory.

What if the framework worked so well that you became a great web designer? That would be like a superpower that would give you the courage to switch careers.

Finally, what if you had regular feedback about the work you create? Then you could get better in 30% less time than if you were doing it by yourself.


Web Design by Numbers

This is Web Design by Numbers and it comes in three versions:

Web Starter Pack

This E-book has all the basic things you need to teach yourself web design. It includes over 70 real-world examples to help illustrate the concepts. It’s practical, not abstract. It contains a step-by-step framework I’ve developed called the “Revision Spiral” which will introduce a methodology to the way you work. You’ll finally stop
thrashing because you’ll have a process to steer you straight. Finally, the e-book contains five real-world exercises so you can start practicing right away. Each exercise is unique so you’ll be exposed to several styles. If you’ve been looking for a better way to learn web design, this is it.

Web Starter Pack

This is the E-book plus five highly detailed video tutorials of me going through the exercises at the end of the book. It follows the framework you learn in the E-book and shows you what that looks like in practice. The videos are screen recordings of me designing five websites from start to finish. As I’m designing I discuss the decisions I make along the way.
I even include a few false starts and mistakes, so you can see how to recover quickly and not get frustrated. It’s like sitting over the shoulder of a professional designer watching them work. (NOTE: You can buy this now while it’s on sale and the videos will be finished and delivered to you on 8-7-16)

Web Starter Pack

This is the e-book, five videos, plus three hours of personal feedback from me. Getting timely specific feedback will help you improve your skills faster than doing it alone. You can have you feedback via Invision or Skype, whichever you prefer. You’re encouraged to do the lessons in the book but I’m happy to give feedback on other
projects you’re working on too. (NOTE: You can buy this now while it’s on sale and the videos will be finished and delivered to you on 8-7-16).